I have many hobbies that keep me busy and allow me to relax.

Cooking and Gardening

I enjoy cooking meals from scratch and even better when I am able to use vegetables from the garden! Most items grown in the garden are heirloom varieties as they provide the best flavor.


Growing up in the upper Mid-west has, in part, made me enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy exploring the woods, hiking trails, being on the water, and going for a run are just a few of the ways I enjoy the outdoors.

Reading and Movies

When I need some down-time, reading and movies are my go-to options. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my favorite genres. Terry Pratchett is my favorite author!

Home Improvement and Woodworking

Making our home more our own is a hobby I acquired from my Dad. Being able to take a plan that starts out in my head and seeing the end product is a very rewarding experience.

I have enjoyed redoing a kitchen, including re-doing the layout, refacing the cabinets, and installing a hardwood floor. In our current home, which is over 100 years old and started its life as a General Store, I have been working hard to restore the original flooring and installing trim that is more suited to the age of the house.

I have also built a few pieces of furniture. With my dad, I have built a cedar chest and on my own, I designed and built a table using multiple wood species.